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When my daughter nearly died in hospital from Anorexia-Bulimia I

Amy at 12.

 was absolutely determined to find her help for this dreadful disease. Now a few years later she is completely healthy - physically and emotionally, and I     am very proud of her and myself for what we've achieved.  

Even a doctor was surprised by the effectiveness of the treatment and has incorporated some techniques with her own treatment methods.

Dear Friends.

Getting the right help for anorexia-bulimia isn’t easy but I found 25 things you should know about it.

Why you may ask? Because most people relapse and suffer again, even after repeated treatment programs and hospital stays but if they understand the reasons why this is they would not.

Medical literature often characterizes anorexia-bulimia as “cunning” and“ baffling.” but it doesn’t have to be that way, so how do you find the best treatment possible?

You may ask how do I know this? Well I have been exactly where you are now with my daughter.

 My name is Karen Phillips and I am the mother of a girl (Amy) who suffered from severe Anorexia Bulimia since age 13. Her battle with this disorder lasted nearly 10 years. Read our story below.
She nearly died in hospital once but luckily survived. And it was this episode that became a turning point for both of us. I promised myself I would do whatever it took to find the right treatment for Anorexia-Bulimia regardless of the cost, and I did.

I am now offering an individual home treatment program I developed during the years of battling with Amy's anorexia-bulimia to help as many people as I can.

But not only that I have the full support of a medical doctor who was also an anorexia-bulimia sufferer herself. But more importantly she also cured herself using similar neuroplastictic methods. Between us you now have a full treatment program that works.

                                                        Karen and Amy's story.

Well, I guess it was 14 years ago I started to notice something was not right with Amy. She had

 just turned 12 when I caught her always looking at herself in the mirror. She would ask me if I thought she put on weight. I told her of course not, she always looked just right to me for her age.
You know, I never even thought anything was wrong. I took it as just being a teenage thing and really thought no more about it. I remember myself in those teenage years worrying about my looks and going on diets and silly stuff like that, it was what a lot of my friends did also.

The trigger for Amy's Anorexia-Bulimia was a major disappointment when she was 13. Amy just loved to perform and she was good at it and she had a real passion for dancing. She always said that she wanted to be a dancer when she grew up and if any dancing came on TV she would not miss it. Even if there was a family outing or a birthday party, if dancing was on TV she would refuse to go, until the show had ended.

It was the 18 November 1996 that I believe was the trigger for the 10 years of hell we were about to face. Amy had been practicing for months to get into the school drama group. It was the auditions for the Christmas extravaganza and Amy wanted so badly to get the lead role.

Two days before the auditions she got ill and by the time her trials came she was not in good health. She failed to get the lead role; in fact she was so bad she did not even make the play. When she was leaving the stage I heard one of the girls who was successful say, I told you you’re too fat.

Amy just sobbed and sobbed all night in her room there was nothing I could do, absolutely nothing. I remember saying to my husband John that she will cry herself out and in a couple of days she would be that lovable girl we knew: how wrong this statement turned out to be.
I have heard Anorexia described by another sufferer as being like getting on an escalator that you can’t get off. It just keeps going and you don’t even know how you got on in the first place, all you know is the floor has changed. You think you are in control at first but then it takes control of you and there is nothing you can do about it.

This is basically what happened to Amy, I believe she got on the escalator the night of the auditions looking for something she could control, but only found the Devil instead.

After suffering from Anorexia for a long time and regularly attending counseling, Amy seemed to improve: but the improvement was false as I realized later. Amy was eating large amounts of food but sneaking away to the bathroom and making herself sick. She had developed Bulimia.
People like Amy become very good at hiding their disorder and even though I was aware and on the lookout for any change she completely fooled me. If you are in this position at the moment be very careful and take nothing at face value.

 It was the Bulimia that nearly cost Amy her life. I had to go away for a 3 week business trip and during that time Amy was binge eating and purging up to 15 times a day. Her potassium levels dropped to dangerously low levels and she collapsed ending up in hospital.
When I saw her in the hospital she looked absolutely terrible, I hardly recognized her she was so

Amy in hospital

 thin and stick like. Her weight was down to 85 pounds and for someone who was 5.6in is unbelievable. I still wonder how she went down hill so fast it seemed impossible and it is a miracle she did not die being so thin.
The doctors told us Amy could not have lost much more weight and expect to live much longer. They told us that what happens when potassium levels drop below 2 the sufferers heart can simply stop and they die.

That was it for me, I came to the point where I was at my wits end. When Amy nearly died in hospital that was the turning point I had sworn to myself that I would not let her die and I nearly had. That was the catalyst that took me on a quest to find a cure for Amy and with Gods help I did.

                                                              What I did

I spent hundreds of hours studying and thousands of dollars learning everything I could about Anorexia and Bulimia.

Then I came across a very old book on Roman psychology that gave me ideas. I then developed these ideas into the secret that changed Amy's life from misery to success.

 It is well known fact that ancient Roman suffered bulimia a lot especially during feasts. I read how they looked at bulimia.

Then I thought how could I get more insight and then how to apply it to Amy's condition. I gradually developed it to a bigger program, talked to different people, went to seminars and here we are now with our success and a unique individual home treatment program that works.

Even a doctor was surprised by my treatment and now uses it to treat eating disorders.

But please do not take my word for it as you have to make up your own mind, so here are some testimonials I have had from people who have used the treatment:

Dr Irina Webster MD

Breakthrough in dealing with eating disorder cure.

Dear Friends
My name is Irina Webster and I am a medical doctor from the Eating Disorder
I have known Karen for a number of years and I knew the pain she was suffering trying to deal with Amy in Russia.

I have looked very closely at her treatment program and I can tell you I believe
she stumbled on this all by herself.

Karen will be the first to tell you she did not know what she did, she just did what felt right at the time. Little did she know that it was based on the power of Neuroplasticity,

Neuroplasticity is different to conventional treatment methods as it directly accesses the subconscious mind where eating disorders live.

Often people get dependant on group therapy and feel OK while they are in the group but when they come home they feel the same old feelings and continue to starve or binge and purge.

Karen and my treatment gives people the opportunity to feel good and not starve themselves or binge and purge when they are alone at home and not be dependant on the group or the therapist all the time.
With Karen's treatment people have control over their behavior while no one is watching them when they are on their own - and this is the most important fact for their recovery.

The other advantage of Karen's treatment over group therapy or staying in clinics is that people in groups become very close to each other, they understand each other and support each other.
But if or when they get better - they have to leave and stay on their own. Lots of sufferers don't want to lose the friendship and support they had develop so they prefer to stay the same (because it is a kind of "team spirit").

Also group therapy can become competitive where the sufferers try to beat each other to see who is the sickest. 

For all these reasons I consider Karen's treatment to be absolutely marvelous help for people who suffer from anorexia-bulimia or look after someone with an eating disorder.

Thank you Karen for your courage and determination

Any questions please feel free to contact me at:  
  Dr Irina Webster.  

Dr Irina conducting her eating disorder seminar in Florida

PS: Dr Irina Webster is an expert on eating disorders and has appeared on the top rating Sharina show on Radio 2UE in Sydney Australia.


                                       Hi my name is Andra and I live in Toronto.

I am writing this to help you understand how powerful this program is and how it has changed my life.
You see when I first found this program I was an absolute mess on the inside although I was cool and calm on the outside but I was desperate to find help, so I turned to the Internet when all else failed.
 I can't possible express my gratitude in words so I have made this recording.


Here are some of the key items I found helpful:
The first section of the program talks about commitment - you need to make that decision that things are so bad and you need to make them better .

"You get what you expect" or "What you expect is what you get" so always expect the best and see the best.

Give gratitude for everything you have everyday. Say "thank you" for this and more great things will come.
When the inner chatter is happening and I'm stressing out - William's special mantra I learned definitely brings an element of calmness:

You have changed my life forever!!!!!!
Your wonderful support is so appreciated, thank you so much for everything.



  Hi Karen,
I haven't written to you in a fair while. I just wanted to let you know I have completely forgotten about my eating disorder! My husband has been an amazing support system throughout my recovery! I feel 100% an I am on top of the world! I am a healthy weight an eat when I am hungry an try to stay as healthy as I can.

An I am pleased to say I am now pregnant an expecting our first child me an my husband are soooooooooooo EXCITED! I am feeling so healthy an in a great place at the moment! I can't thank you enough for giving me the tools to defeat this demon that has been haunted me for 7years!

I feel so grateful to be having this child an will be protecting them in everyway, to tell them they are beautiful an worthy of a wonderful life! I am due in Aug this year an I am truly happy now, not be concerned about my weight an let my body do what its meant to do naturally. I just had to drop by a personal email to thank you sooooooooooooooo much I recommend your guidelines to anyone that is struggling with an eating disorder as it has totally saved my life an put me back into a happy place! I cannot say it enough times

THANK YOU SO MUCH! My life is so complete now!
XXXXX much love ♥ Stacey K
From email.


                                             Thank you Karen!

From a mother to a mother, thank you.

Thank you for what you have done for the countless number of people you have helped and thank you for saving my life.

From email.


Thank you for your valued help in regards to an eating disorder we have been dealing with. Since the situation has been brought under control.

The book "Mom please help" and the supporting resources will always remain a valuable and ready reference.
From email.


    Thank you for helping to save my daughter's life.

Dear Karen !
I want you to know that you have truly been a lifesaver for my daughter.

I have read book after book, listened to all of the professionals, and literally beat my head against the wall wondering how I could save my daughter.

One of my friends found your information on the web and told me about it. When I read up on it and actually got your book, I felt like finally I had found someone who really "got it".
So many of the things you had faced during your crisis with your daughter, I was facing and I felt so alone.

Although she was seeing a nutritionist, psychologist, and a support group weekly, a month ago, her and I decided that although they gave her the foundation and knowledge of many things to learn to fight this, it was not helping her, so we decided to stop going.
We have implemented all of your suggestions. Her mental attitude is improving dramatically and her outlook to the future is back again.

If you ever wonder if your book has helped others, I want you to know that it has. I have always felt that things happen for a reason.

 And perhaps everything you had went through with your daughter was meant to happen so that you could be there for those of us who are suffering through the same ordeal with our daughters right now.

 Thank you again for helping to save my daughter's life and giving us the hope of a brighter future for both of us.

Monica S.

Full transcript of her long letter available.


I am getting a tremendous amount of very valuable information from the articles you send me and I am sharing them with my niece’s therapist.

I very much appreciate being on your list.
Thank you so much,

From email.

I found 25 things about Anorexia and Bulimia you should know about.

  1. The best way to treat Anorexia - Bulimia is at home with an individual program. This gives people a chance to control their behavior by themselves and not be dependent on a group or a therapist. When we realized this fact, Amy started to improve.

  2. Group therapy gives people a dependency on being in the group. They feel OK while they are in the group but loose all sense of self-control when they are at home.

  3. Group therapy provides sufferers with a lot of friends who are also anorexic or bulimic. They get to understand each other very well and develop a "team spirit" attitude. If they get better they need to leave the group and stay on their own. Often they don't want to leave their friends so they stay the same.

  4. Being in the group patients get too many negative ideas from each other. If a young woman has never heard of drinking ipecac to induce vomiting and learns this technique in group therapy, she may try the technique out herself, leaving the group leader or member feeling responsible.

  5. In the group patients often deliberately get worse or engage in more symptoms just to get extra attention from each other or the therapist. This kind of competition always exists in eating disorder groups but on many different levels. Sometimes it can get out of control and cause a lot of harm to some members of the group, the most vulnerable ones.

  6. Parents of sufferers often think that the doctors or the therapist know the best way to help. But the truth is that parents should be the first and most important people who can really truly help.

  7. Partners and friends often think that they will just follow the recommendations of a doctor or what a counsellor gives them to follow. But the truth is that partners and friends should  actively look and seek information on how they can help. And also search for what other people have done to help save their loved ones health and life.

  8. Eating disorder sufferers think that they always need other people to get better and that without doctors and therapist they will not improve. The truth is that the best help you can get is from yourself. If you follow a special individual program at home you will not need any outside help at all.

  9. Sufferers of Anorexia  think that if they eat even a little bit more they will become obese and never be happy again. The truth is that for the anorexic, weight gain, is gradual and usually one of the last aspects of therapy, because the fear is so great. By following an individual program at home an anorexic person can loose this fear in a matter of weeks and restore normal body weight soon after that.

  10. Sufferers of Bulimia think that they have control over their bulimia and can stop any time they want. The truth is that bulimia takes all control over the person's mind and body. The sufferer becomes imprisoned by her/his own infliction.
    By following a home individual program you will be able to control your appetite and food consumption, stop vomiting after meals and regain control of your feelings and emotions.

  11. Some eating disorder sufferers think that just changing their thoughts from negative  to positive would be enough to cope with their erratic eating behaviour. The truth is that an eating disorder is not only about a bad eating behaviour and only thinking positive will not help. It is much more complex than that and you should follow a special home treatment program that gives you a step by step plan to follow.

  12.  How to cope with stress and not put yourself into that purging or starving cycle? As a sufferer you can overcome these feelings easily once you know how. There is nothing hard about it, you only have to know how to control stress. The beauty is it is a learned thing and anyone can do it, you don't have to have any special talents to learn it. I show you how to do this in the treatment program.

  13. How to correct the sufferers association to pleasure and pain in their life. As most have lost their insight into the correct association. Because starving or purging is painful, but to the sufferer they see it as pleasure. A new association must be established to replace the old ones.

  14. A lot of people think you can beat Anorexia- Bulimia by using
    willpower, but this is not true. You have to defeat the little voices in your head that keep telling you to binge and purge or starve yourself against your own will. You can only conquer these voices by knowing how to get them out of the subconscious part of your mind and willpower alone will not do it. We show you how to beat them.

  15. What topics regarding the sufferers psychology you should discuss first. This is an important point and it has to be addressed just right or you could do more damage than good to the sufferer. I will show you exactly how to do the right thing, so it will be easier on you.

  16. What is your correct action towards making changes in your/ their behavior. I learned through trial and error how to identify the correct actions. I give you the proper actions to take that will change your behavior.


  17. The program to stop being Anorexic and/or Bulimic in just weeks/ months, not years. This simple, yet little-known technique actually forces your mind and body to function in the way it was designed to function naturally.


  18. What should you tell them : which words should you use and which should be avoided. You have to approach a sufferer in a certain way or you will get nowhere at all. There is a secret to doing this and I tell you exactly how to do it.

  19. How to react and what to say when your loved one denies the problem. Again this is a very tricky situation. To be able to help them you first have to get them to admit they have a problem. You will see how this is done when you get the program. 

  20. How to react and what to say when your loved one rejects you and wants to be left alone. I know how you feel at this time, you feel like screaming and yelling at them to wake up to themselves and stop being stupid. But this would be the worst thing you could do and I explain why this is and the correct things to do. 

  21. What are the real  triggers of binging -purging cycles? What makes you starve yourself? You will see how to stop this from happening by following my special home treatment program.

  22. How to empower yourself to deal with such a “difficult and sensitive’ situation. This is an important part if you are helping or dealing with a loved one who has an eating disorder. You have to be strong even in the face of abuse from the sufferer, this is very important.

  23. You need to know how the sufferer arrived where they are today, you simply can not deal with it if you know nothing about it. But you will have all the correct information at hand to lighten the load on you. It is also important for the sufferer to know how they arrived where they are today. This is important to beating their affliction.

  24. How to recognize the first signs of the disease and the signs of progression of the disease and how to act to stop it immediately. You can save yourself and the sufferer many years of pain and anguish if you can spot things early, you will see how this is done in the book. So if you have any suspicions you can stop it in its tracks and save yourself all that pain.

  25. How to show love and compassion to the sufferer and eliminate anger. If you are serious about helping, you have to understand this point more than any other or you will be putting the sufferer at great risk and yourself through years of torture.

 Realizing these 25 things about Anorexia-Bulimia helped me to put together a home treatment program and finally cure my daughter's affliction.

Also you will be interested to know the benefits of my proven method over counseling and other normal medical treatment. Here is what I can tell about my home treatment program:

  • 100% natural and has no side effects.

  • does not develop dependency on a group, a therapist or a doctor

  • makes the person be independent and feel confident while on their own 

  • makes the person become adjusted to a normal everyday life

  • makes the person control her/his urges to starve herself/himself while on their own

  • makes the person control her/his urges to binge and purge while on their own

  • stops uncomfortable and painful feeling in the abdomen after meals

  • changes a person's focus from counting calories and worrying about their weight problem to having a meaningful and purposeful live full of contribution (this is what a real anorexic character is about - purpose, goals and meaning, but it is hidden under the mask of anorexia).

  • changes a person's focus from hiding food, binging and purging to developing an unique lovingness and kindness (this is what bulimics hide under their mask of binging and purging and they will never realize it until the mask is gone).

  • gives a step by step easy system to follow at home

  • it is effective 100% of the time if applied correctly.

  • if you a helper, gives you powerful feeling of helping your loved one or a child

  • gives you an ability to take matters in your own hands and have full control over the situation.

  • you can help with my methods as many people as you want.

  • you can teach this method to other people whose loved ones suffer from Anorexia and/or Bulimia

  • you will make a strong connection and precious bond to your loved one, that will last a life time.

  • you can use this information for lectures at school or colleges to educate other people about eating disorders and treatment.

  • you can organize your own Anorexia / Bulimia support group and practice this method with a correct focus on individuality and not fostering group dependency.

I have received many emails and letters from people who can also tell you about their successes in treating anorexia-bulimia using my home treatment program. Here are some of them:


Hi, just a quick note to say thank you. Your emails are always well meant and very informative. I'm really grateful. Thank you for all your hard work. I'm sure you're making a massive difference in many lives.
kind regards


Thank you so much! I'm already reading the book and I feel a lot more empowered and in control of myself, simply because I want to be and I realize that it is up to me if I do it or not. I would love any articles or other things that would help. Thanks for everything you do!
J W.
From email.


   Your program helps, inspires and gives hope to people like us.

Dear Karen!
Thank you very much for helping us to cope with our daughter who’s been anorexic and than bulimic for years.

I don’t even know when it all started as she has been very secretive for a long time.
She wouldn’t tell us exactly what’s happening to her; she was just fading away and being absolutely withdrawn from us. I was petrified and thought I was losing her.

Now she is getting well, thanks to your book. I don’t feel like bragging too much about her progress (because I thought it never would happen) but she is a different person now.

I recommend your book to anyone whose children or relatives have an eating disorder problem.
I even think your proven methods would work with people who overeat as this is also an eating disorder.

 Your program helps, inspires and gives hope to people like us.

Thank you very much again, Karen.

God Bless you.
Kathleen B.


Hello Karen
I wanted to give you a little update on my daughter since you have been such a tremendous help for me- your book is helping us do wonders for her. during her stay at the hospital we did so many affirmative exercises to help her get her self worth back and now that she is out- she has improved miraculously.
L. B
From email.


What fantastic customer service!
We have found your book incredibly helpful, and it has given my daughter and I hope in a bleak landscape. Emotionally she is in a much better state after 3 weeks of the daily meditation, who am I, and gratitude practice.

She can see so much in store for herself in the future which is fantastic.
I am very grateful for your support.
From email.


Dear Karen Thank you.

My niece had developed anorexia. I’m very happy to tell you she is now recovering From anorexia and is now at a normal weight, has gone back to school and even Started dancing again.
From email.

People often ask me:
"What does your program really do for treating anorexia and bulimia?"

I can answer that this is a step by step individual home treatment program: one for adults and one for under 18s (you will get the two different programs when you buy an electronic copy at the price of one)  they contain everything I did with my daughter Amy to treat her Anorexia-Bulimia.

As a result of this treatment  Amy is a beautiful young women today with the world at her feet. Her weight is a respectable 130 pounds a far cry from 85 pounds she had during her anorexia-bulimia years. She looks nice and very inspiring.

She has had no symptoms of Anorexia - Bulimia for at least 2 years. Amy now eats 3 regular meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. She even eats snacks between main meals - normally fruits or salted biscuits, but sometimes I see her munching a chocolate as well.

We are going out to eat and talk regularly to the restaurant or cafe (at least twice a week). She eats normal restaurant meal without any fear or uncomfortable feelings.

She also does a lot of outings with her friends with no signs of eating disorder or any other emotional problems.

She is an University student and she will become a Psychologist next year. She wants to work with eating disorder people and implement my method on them.

To tell you more about the treatment I must tell you what my treatment is not:

  • There are no drugs.

  • There are no Pills.

  • There are no special concoctions to take.

  • No weird spells or anything mystic.

  • There are no Clinics or hospitals involved.

  • My book is non- religious.

  • It is not new age, just pure science.

How to get the program:

Just go to the bottom of this page and choose whether you want the electronic instant download version, or have the printed book sent to you by mail. If you want the book or CD please state.

To keep your credit card details safe, we use paypal's and clickbank secure server. That means that we never get to see your credit card details - you deal directly with paypal and clickbank (the internet's largest seller of electronic products). Paypal and clickbank more on security see FAQ)

For other payment options email. 

Don't forget, I'm taking *all the risk*... If you don't get the same life-changing results that I did, I'll refund every cent with our 45 day money-back guarantee. What have you got to lose? Nothing really. What do you have to gain, the life and happiness of your loved one. Try it now

                   I' am finally starting to feel like I' am getting free!!!!!!!

 Hi Karen
YES I am doing great I' am finally starting to feel like I' am getting free!!!!!!!

I cant believe how much of a different person I am...
When I Started to put on a little bit more weight with eating again I took it in my stride an learnt how to cope!!! Normally I would freak at half a KG!!

It was like WOW its so easy why have a been abusing my body for so long!!!!!

I am so so so so so glad I found your book its saving my life!!!!!

Thank you for being so kind.
From email.


Hi Karen
Thank you for what you are doing.
I had not read far into your book before I was crying - somewhat happily - someone else has felt and understands this pain, and there is hope!
Thanks again
J. G
From email.


From a mother to a mother, thank you. Thank you for what you have done for a countless number of people and thank you for saving my life.
From email.


 Hello Karen,
Thank you for the unconditional support. I can't tell you how I appreciate it.
I'm fighting day by day to overcome and close this chapter in my life. Every positive word and energy that I get from has helped me tremendously.
Anyways thanks again, I won't ever thank you enough.
big hug,
From email.


Hi Karen,
Something seems to be happening, I am not sure what, but my behaviour seems to be improving some and the daily worries about food have stopped bothering me as much.

My colleagues even made the comment that I looked happier than I have in a long time. Headaches are almost gone; too...One other thing that I have noticed is that I seem to have more endurance than I had before I started using Mindfulness Training CD’s with your other help.

My brain power seems to be back to normal again and I can think clearly without paying too much attention to the bulimic thoughts.
Thanks for recommending me these CD’s. I feel peaceful and mindful like never before.

From email.


WHAT YOU GET.  Electronic download

You're getting a PDF 147 page electronic version of the program/ book.

  A special 78 page booklet on how to deal with under 18s who are in denial.

Also "21 tips to fight anorexia - bulimia report" written by a leading world expert on Eating disorders.

Plus a special uplifting video to help with stress relief. 

 Also unconditional professional email support for people who need extra help. All this for $38.70USD.

Electronic download Only $38.70 USD.
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To Get the printed book.

 My book is now available as a Printed soft cover Book for  ($39.99 USD) plus $6 postage.
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P.S. If you are still skeptical after reading this page and just don’t believe what you have just read: then nothing will ever change for you and everything will just stay the same or even start to get worse.  But if you give it a try you will probably see that elusive light at the end of your anorexia-bulimia tunnel. Or at the very least you will be able to help your loved one enormously with the knowledge you will get from this book. 

P.P.S: If you have never bought anything over the Internet and worry about buying this way, then I want to reassure you that you shouldn’t because we are using secure services like PayPal. We personally never see your credit cards and never deal with the payment process itself.  And you can always just contact PayPal about your transaction if you have any questions about it.

P.P.P.S You now have all the information to change your life around or your loved ones life around. Now is the time to set yourself free and enjoy life again without an ED. All the best of luck in the world to you in your endeavors.

Karen Phillips  


Amy and Karen
Amy at 12.

Amy totally recovered>
Amy 6 years ago.

Electronic download $38.70 click below.

We have changed our names in our story to protect our privacy and that of our children
Some of the names in the testimonials have been changed at the request of the clients for privacy reasons.  

Karen Phillips
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